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Cold Hors D’Oeuvre

Priced per 50 pieces. 50 piece minimum order.

Peppered Tenderloin cracked pepper beef on herb crostini $95.00++

Grilled Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto $95.00++

Poached Jumbo Shrimp horseradish cocktail sauce $145.00++

Maple glazed Ham Biscuit buttermilk biscuit, dry cured ham and tarragon mustard $95.00++

Grilled Jerk Shrimp creole remoulade $145.00++

Barbeque Duck Spring Roll spring onion, carrot in sesame garlic sauce $110.00++

Blacked Tuna on Asian slaw with wasabi aioli $145.00++

Sushi nigri and hosomaki rolls with pickled ginger , soy sauce and wasabi $185.00++

Curry Lobster Martini sweet lobster, green onion and mesclun in curry aioli $195.00++

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