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Light Plated Lunches

All plated lunches are accompanied by fresh baked rolls, butter and dessert. Please select an entrée and dessert from below.


Grilled Chicken Breast Salad with mixed greens, sliced strawberries, crumbled bleu cheese, candied walnuts, herb crostini and balsamic vinaigrette $25.00++

South of the Border Chicken Salad sliced grilled breast of chicken, black beans, diced tomato, cheddar cheese and scallions. Crisp tortilla chips and chipotle ranch dressing $25.00++

Turkey Cobb Salad classic chopped lettuce, turkey, bleu cheese, avocado, crisp bacon, chopped egg and tomatoes. Shallot vinaigrette dressing. $25.00++

Tuna Nicoise Salad albacore tuna, haricot vert, kalamata olive, chopped egg and tomato with shallot vinaigrette dressing. $25.00++

Steak House Salad rosemary and garlic marinated char grilled flank steak, Mesclun blend, grilled cipolinni onion, tomato and crumbled bleu cheese with herb vinaigrette $25.00++

Roasted Salmon Salad flaked salmon on baby spinach leaves with cucumber, red onion and garlic crouton with buttermilk ranch dressing $25.00++

Pan sautéed Portobello Pasta whole wheat penne tossed with olive oil and sauté of Portobello, roasted garlic and sun dried tomatoes..—Vegan $25.00++

Vegetable Shepards Pie diced root vegetables with peas and corn seasoned with sage and thyme. Orange flavored mashed yam topped with sliced almonds.—Vegan $25.00++

Spicy Mac and Cheese Cavatappi pasta baked to golden in a blend of white Cheddar, Brie and Boursin. Seasoned with sweet chili, jalapeno peppers, cayenne and cumin. $25.00 ++


NY Cheesecake with fresh berries and cream Chocolate Ganache cake

Carrot Cake

Raspberry Mousse parfait

Event Calendar
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April 26th
Miami Auto Fest

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May 3rd
The Walking Dead Escape

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May 17th
Haitian Compas Festival

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June 4th
England vs. Ecuador

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June 7th
England vs Honduras

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August 4th
International Champions Cup Finals

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September 6th
Florida A&M vs. University of Miami

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September 13th
Arkansas State vs. University of Miami

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September 27th
Duke vs. University of Miami

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October 5
One Direction

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October 11th
Cincinnati vs. University of Miami

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November 1st
North Carolina vs. University of Miami

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November 15th
Florida State vs. University of Miami

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November 29th
Pittsburgh vs. University of Miami