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Lunch Buffets

An Afternoon in the Park

Cubed fresh melon mélange in mint glaze

Mixed garden salad: julienne red onion, yellow and red sweet pepper, grape tomato and cucumber. Served with ranch, vinaigrette and French Dress-ings.

Whole wheat penne pasta salad with mushroom, roasted pepper and spinach, tossed in a sun dried tomato vinaigrette

Chilled beef tenderloin, cracked pepper seasoned , thinly sliced. Accompanied by fresh mozzarella and tomato, caper mustar, creamed horseradish and multi grain rolls.

Grilled Breast of chicken bedded on balsamic rice pilaf. Topped with curry mango salsa cruda.

Maghred vegetable cous cous: Vinaigrette marinated asparagus, summer squash, mushrooms and pepper fired grilled and served with fluffy saffron flavored semolina pears.

Fresh baked rolls and butter

Petite cupcakes and cake pops

Bella Roma

Tuscan Caesar salad: crisp romaine with garlic crouton, grape tomato, shaved parmesan, crumbled pancetta with lemon anchovy dressing.

Buffalo mozzarella and sliced tomato on mixed field greens with balsamic glaze.

Pesto penne formaggio: penne pasta tossed in basil, pine nut and parmesan sauce. Baked to golden with fontina cheese.

Parmesan chicken and mushroom: bredded breast of chicken baked with parmesan and provolone, topped with sauté of wild mushroom.

Shrimp fra Diavolo: plump shrimp sauté with chili peppers, onion and garlic, served with creamy risotto.

Fresh baked rolls and butter

Chocolate dipped cannoli

Tiramisu: ladyfinger dipped in coffee-marsala, layered with mascarpone and garnished with grated chocolate.



South Beach Spa Bistro

Baby green salad: sliced strawberries, candied pecans and bleu cheese crumbles with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Ginger and mint infused fresh fruit salad

Floribbean bean salad: marinated haricot vert, garbonzo, cannellini and black beans tossed with orange segments in citrus poppy seed dressing.

Quinoa spinach salad: baby spinach, dried cranberries, honey roasted peanuts and quiona in sesame vinaigrette.

Roasted Salmon fillet seasoned with cracked black pepper, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Citrus grilled breast of chicken bedded on balsamic pilaf of rice.

Herbed skirt steak marinated in red wine, garlic and rosemary. Char grilled with Tuscan peppers.

Artisan breads and rolls with roasted red pepper aioli, creamed horseradish, garlic aioli, pesto and sun dried tomato hummus.


Orange Bowl Tailgate

Apple jalapeno coleslaw: shredded cabbage with diced apple in a spicy jalapenos and cider vinegar dressing.

Maytag blue potato salad: tender potatoes blended with celery, onion and bell peppers in a tangy bleu cheese mayonnaise dressing.

Spinach salad: baby spinach topped with bacon, tomato, egg, mushroom, served with buttermilk ranch dressing.

Four cheese macaroni: tender cavatappi pasta blended with a creamy sauce of white cheddar, boursin, brie, and parmesan baked until golden.

Grilled mojo chicken breast: Cuban mojo marinated breast of chicken, char grilled and served with roasted peppers and onions. Fresh baked Cuban bread.

Everglades BBQ pulled pork: house smoked, spice rubber pork butt. Accompanied by Everglades classic sauce and petit Kaiser rolls.

Black beans and rice: plump turtle beans simmered with garlic, onion, bell peppers and sofrito served with steamed white rice.

Apple cobbler bars: cinnamon sugared apples baked on a shortbread crust.


Deli Express

House prepared chicken noodle soup

Seasonal fresh salad greens with tomato, cucumber, sliced mushrooms and garlic croutons. Ranch, French and vinaigrette dressing.

Deli meat platter or roasted turkey breast, cured ham, genoa salami, roast beef and cappicola.

Sliced cheddar, smoked gouda, provolone and Swiss cheeses.

Leaf lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with pickles and olives.

Creamed horseradish, dijon 7 yellow mustard, ketchup, pesto aioli and mayonnaise.

Bakery fresh breads and rolls.

Gourmet cookies and brownies.


Gourmet Box Lunch

Smoked Turkey and provolone with lettuce and tomato on Kaiser roll.

Ham and Swiss with lettuce, tomato on Kaiser roll.

Genoa Salami and provolone with lettuce and tomato on Kaiser roll.

Grilled Vegetable and smoked gouda in spinach tortilla.

Fire roasted vegetables and hummus with roasted red pepper hummus on whole wheat tortilla– Vegan.

Gourmet Box Lunch includes chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, mayonnaise and mustard.


Deluxe Gourmet Box Lunch

Smoked Turkey and provolone with lettuce, tomato and pesto aioli on focaccia.

Roast Beet and cheddar with lettuce, tomato and creamed horseradish on ciabatta.

Black Forest Ham and Swiss with lettuce, tomato and tarragon mustard on ciabatta.

Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil with roasted red pepper aioli on focaccia.

Thai Vegetable Wrap with grilled tofu, red pepper, sprouts, snow pears with spicy peanut in a wheat tortilla– Vegan.

Deluxe Gourmet Box Lunch includes pasta salad, fresh fruit, chocolate chip cookies and potato chips.


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