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Tailgating is a big part of the gameday experience for many fans.  For safety and enjoyment of all, we ask that you please follow these Tailgating tips:

  • Occupy only ONE parking space per vehicle. Please do not save spaces for others.
  • Tailgate directly behind your vehicle using the designated 8’x10’ space outlined on the ground.
  • Do not block the fire lane with tents or other items; the lane is needed for emergency response vehicles.  Miami-Dade Police Officers will patrol these areas to ensure compliance.
  • No box trucks, trailers, grills in-tow or any catering service from an outside source may be brought in.
  • No kegs are allowed on the property.  Anyone dispensing beer from a keg will be asked to leave and the keg will be confiscated.
  • No golf carts or motorized scooters of any kind permitted.
  • No generators, home speakers, banners and/or DJ’s may be used.
  • Please keep music volume low and do not play music with inappropriate language.
  • Barbeque grills are allowed, open-flame fires are not permitted.
  • Extinguish hot coals with water before leaving the area.
  • Do NOT dispose of charcoal briquettes on the ground.  After they are cold, place them in a plastic bag and deposit them in a trash bin.
  • Clean up your area before entering the stadium to watch the game so it’s safe for you and others.

Please remember that Sun Life Stadium is private property and our rules and regulations will be strictly enforced for the safety and convenience of our guests.

Event Calendar
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April 26th
Miami Auto Fest

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May 3rd
The Walking Dead Escape

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May 17th
Haitian Compas Festival

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May 31st
Run Or Dye 5K

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June 4th
England vs. Ecuador

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June 7th
England vs Honduras

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August 4th
International Champions Cup Finals

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September 6th
Florida A&M vs. University of Miami

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September 13th
Arkansas State vs. University of Miami

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September 27th
Duke vs. University of Miami

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October 5
One Direction

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October 11th
Cincinnati vs. University of Miami

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November 1st
North Carolina vs. University of Miami

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November 15th
Florida State vs. University of Miami

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November 29th
Pittsburgh vs. University of Miami