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Themed Breaks

Thirty Minute Service

Coffee and Cookies Bar– House baked cookies with gourmet brownies. Coffee and Tea Service $11.00++

Popcorn and Chips– Fresh popped popcorn, house made potato and tortilla chips, accompanied by French onion and roasted vegetables dips; spicy tomato and tomatillo salsa $10.00++

Warm Pretzels– Jumbo soft pretzel twists, salted and unsalted. Teamed up with warm cheddar cheese sauce, Yellow mustard and spicy jalapenos. $10.00++

Cheese and Fruit Boar– Imported and domestic cheese with selection of fresh seasonal melons and berries. Sliced baguette, flatbreads and crisps. $15.00++

Nacho Bar– Crisp tortilla chips with our house made chili con carne and chili con queso. Accompanied by sour cream, spicy tomato salsa, guacamole and green onions. $12.00++

Ice Cream Cart– An eclectic selection of assorted ice cream novelties, sandwiches and cups. $10.00++

Event Calendar
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September 5th
Miami Hurricanes vs. Behune-Cookman

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September 19th
Miami Hurricanes vs. Nebraska

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October 17th
Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech

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October 24th
Miami Hurricanes vs. Clemson

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November 7th
Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia

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November 21st
Miami Hurricanes vs. Georgia Tech